I'm Lars Damgaard. I'm a lead UX & product designer from Copenhagen, Denmark

what & how

I’ve been working with UX, product design and product development for the past 12 years in a lot of different domains and roles: from consultancy to startup and corporate, but always with a profound curiosity and human-centric methodology 👀 as the common denominators.

I have experience with leading teams, projects and products and I have vast experience with working in multidisciplinary, agile teams.

I’m a big fan of product iterations and I'm always curious to explore the best solutions 💡 for any given problem. Also, I love testing those iterations and their degree of resonance on real humans.

Last, but not least I'm a versatile hands-on product designer who takes pride in crafting good interactions in simple, intuitive digital interfaces that people ❤️ using.

cv in short

These are some the things I've been working with over the years:

  • Head of Product Design & UX at Rokoko
  • Head of Product Design & UX at Grandhood
  • UX lead Hello Great Works (now called NoA Ignite)
  • UX designer at Politiken
  • UX consultant at Sorthvid (now called Dept)

Learn more on my LinkedIn and feel free to write me an email ✉️