Hi, I'm Lars. I’m a product design leader and UX professional working from Copenhagen, Denmark.

I’ve been working with UX, product design, service design, product development and leadership in a lot of different domains and roles for more than 14 years: from strategic design agencies to product teams in both startup and corporate environments.

I have vast experience with leading teams, projects and people and I thrive in multidisciplinary environments where great people collaborate to solve wicked problems while creating value for business and users.

What connects the dots is a profound curiosity, lots of UX and design craftsmanship and a passion for human centric design — and a drive to make other people thrive and grow in their roles 🙌

If you're curious to see my portfolio of projects & designs, feel free to reach out or to connect on LinkedIn.

My professional experience

I've had the privilege of working with a lot of interesting organisations and to learn from a lot of great people along the way. I've listed my curricular whereabouts below. If you prefer the LinkedIn version, it's right here.


Open for new collaborations


As of autumn 2023 I'm looking for my next role somewhere between leadership, UX, product design and product management. If you want to collaborate on a freelance project or have a perfect idea for my next role, please don't hesitate to make the introduction.


Head of Design & UX


Leading the design and UX team in the motion capture scale-up Rokoko.

High level accomplishments include the establishment of user centric design processes and fostering a strong design culture in the organisation as well as orchestrating a full re-design of the Rokoko product and brand design.

Besides strategic work like quarterly OKRs and managing and hiring for the team, I crafted high level design and concepts for the flagship products Rokoko Studio and Rokoko Video, provided design feedback, coached and developed designers on the team and established best practice methods of UX and product discovery into work processes.

The Rokoko ecosystem consists of both hardware and software that interact in ways that are way simpler than most other motion capture solutions. In the picture you can see an actor wearing the Rokoko suit and Rokoko Studio, the software used for processing the motion capture data.


Head of Product Design & UX


Leading and contributing to the UX and product design activities in the fintech startup Grandhood.

We built a digital pension self service solution for small companies and their employees from scratch.

The digital product experience consists of two major touchpoints: a company onboarding and subsequent dashboard (B2B) for the admin and a mobile app experience (B2C) with algorithmic financial advice for the employee.

We won the Danish Digital Award in 2020 for the most innovative product.

The mobile experience for employees in companies that engage with Grandhood. We focused on financial literacy and conceptualising and translating financial advice into a digital context for a very diverse target audience.


Lead UX Designer

—Hello Great Works

I worked as a UX design lead on large scale projects, leading digital product development sprints for clients in the finance, energy and travelling industry while also having line management for a group of both junior, senior and lead designers.

During my time at Hello Great Works I worked with strategic design for some of the biggest organisations in Denmark.

Hello Great Works, which is now called NoA Ignite, was one of the biggest strategic design agencies in Copenhagen at the time and had a strong focus on the intersection between technology, service design and product design and recently deemed one of the most innovative agencies worldwide by Fast Company


UX Designer


Digital product development and UX design at the Danish News Media Politiken, including iBYEN and Politiken's first longread section Magasinet and a major re-design of politiken.dk

Politiken is a prominent Danish news organisation known for its progressive and independent journalism, covering a wide range of national and international issues since 1884. I played a major part in the early days of its digital product design.

Besides learning the ways of agile product development and how to navigate a corporate organisation, it was an interesting time because we got to do a lot of things for the first time; designing the first paywall experience, the first digital subscription model and the very first, digital longread experience.


UX Designer


UX design consultancy for large-scale public and private clients such as the Danish Arts Council, the Danish School of Media and Journalism, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Politiken to name a few.

My time in Sorthvid taught me fundamental stuff like information architecture (we geeked out on that!), workshop facilitation, card sorting and client liaison


Studying the human condition

—Faculty of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

That's right — I'm a sociologist by education! While academic sociology is certainly different from product design, it gave me a strong foundation in things like philosophy of science, advanced qualitative (I was a teaching assistant specifically on this topic) and quantitative methods as well as social theory as a way of understanding humans.

The french sociologist Emile Durkheim was one of the founding fathers of sociology and a strong advocate for the use of quantitative data and statistical analysis to uncover patterns of social behavior. In other words: a pioneer for much of the methodology underpinning contemporary UX & Product Design .

I loved every minute of it, but I also knew that I needed to do put it to use in a different way so besides reading, studying and teaching I was curious about design, coding, documentary film making, photography — an eclectic mix of creative disciplines that eventually led me to using my social science background to pursue a career in user experience design.