Lars Damgaard
strategic user experience designer
May 29th 2013

Responsive Easter Egg by Alistapart

It’s been three years since @ethanmarcotte wrote his legendary article on responsive design, which sparked a revolution in the world of user experience design and frontend development. The image below is from that original article.


Responsive design has since become a de facto, best practice industrystandard for handling design on multiple screen sizes. Designers who work with responsive webdesign sometimes like to joke about the fact that the only time you truly realize that a website is responsive, is when you drag the browser window smaller; a practice sometimes referred to as “the browser dance” or the “responsive resize mambo”. The joke is that no (or few) end users are familiar with the browser dance, but it’s now the first thing that all responsive designers and developers do when checking out a new website.

As a celebration of the three year anniversary, the original article contains a funny easter egg (or proof of concept) as you do the browser dance. Go try for yourself.